Digital Solutions for Small Business Growth and Development.


Affordable Web Hosting

Need someone to simply host your website so you can stay online?
There are many large providers who will host business websites, just so they can charge one fee after another. Avoid extra unexpected costs by hosting your website through our high-speed servers.

Online Ordering and Delivery Systems

A full solution for online pickup/delivery with Clover POS. Get your retail or restaurant business online in no time. Perfect for those who need to adapt to an online/hybrid business model.

Marketing Consultations

Confused with where to start? Not everyone has a background with digital marketing or web development. Which is why Elevation Labs Consulting can provide you with a free 30 min consultation to help you understand what options you have, and what methods would work best for your budget.

Website Build & Design

Professional websites, created custom for your business. Depending on your need, we can craft a stunning creation that will function for your customers as well as providing you with a platform to use for your online marketing.

Google Ads Management

Expert management for Google Ads Campaigns. Provided for both for-profit, as well as non-profit businesses. A perfect solution for generating leads within the first month. Place your business in front of the ideal customers that are searching for your services online.

Funnel Build & Design

Online ads require a special extension to be built alongside a business website. These are commonly referred to as landing pages, which are part of a structure of pages and functions that can be organized to sell almost any product or service. Together with some solid Ad Copy, you can have your website start selling for you!