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Progress with Wellington Landscaping campaign – One Week In

Week one

So far so good. I got phone calls coming in right away, and it resulted in about 3 incoming leads. One contract was signed, and we are waiting on the invoice to be paid before beginning that work. It will be a fairly small project that could potentially even be done by just one person.

Without paying anything for mentions online, and without spending very much time, we were able to gain the #1 position above a large portion of Wellington, FL for the main keyterm ”Wellington Landscaping”. This is a great start as it is the top level of the hierarchy for the keyterms. The rest of them will be more focused on lawn maintenance. The website is yet to really rank on the keyterms organically, however, the Maps rank was able to be accomplished right away. From here on out, I can expect this to be a fairly inexpensive project marketing-wise.

Costs of The Campaign

This campaign will likely be an inexpensive one. The different organic ranks needed should also be pretty easy. This shows that there was some opportunity for arbitrage in the niche and location. I’m not really too surprised about this, because it isn’t a very lucrative niche. But it does show that there is opportunity for new businesses to really start attracting new customers without having to spend any money on paid advertisements. Most businesses won’t benefit as much as we do from our Brand name, but I would argue that is isn’t much of an excuse anymore. Not now that there are many other businesses and chains that have taken advantage of the powerful “keyterm-stuffed brand.”

One of the unavoidable parts about starting a new small business nowadays is the dreaded encounter with the Yelp rep. It is best to place your new business on this directory because of the amount of potential free traffic that is on the platform, as well as the authority established by having the listing. This is also a very popular listing for the algorithm to pull from for information. There are actually various other platforms that pull their info from Yelp for business verification purposes. Which makes it a crucial listing for most Local SEO campaigns.

Although the Yelp rep will swear about the importance of advertising on Yelp, it is obviously possible to gain visibility for new customers without having to go their route. It is also pretty laughable that they actually charge you a monthly rate just to display your logo on your own listing. Regardless, we did not choose to advertise with Yelp. We are however about to start doing the Google Guaranteed program since the approved the background checks.

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