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Wellington Landscaping Guys – The Top-Rated Landscaping Service in Wellington, FL

New Landscaping Business in Wellington, FL

In partnership with Thomas Begens, I have begun working towards the launch of this home service business in the Village of Wellington.

After researching the market for a few months (on and off) I had noticed that there was not a tremendous amount of competition in the area. More importantly, the businesses out here did not have much to show for themselves online. This is referring to their reviews as well as an overall online presence. Given my specific skills in local visibility, we decided to give it a green light.

Manual Labor, Talent, and Digital Marketing

When it comes to operating a successful landscaping business, there are a few key elements that are critical. Here are the top 3 that stuck out the most.

  • Manual labor can be easy to find just so long as you can filter through candidates and recruit workers that are best capable of the job. Depending on the quality of the workers, we can work on getting better results for our customers. Our goal will be to provide the most reliable service for landscaping in Wellington, FL.
  • Talent is important for the management of the business. Without strong leadership and guidance for the team, the business will lack a sense of purpose and/or culture. Luckily, the founders are both educated in business and are confident in their experience with the management of teams.
  • Digital marketing is an entirely separate world of design, development, optimizations, and ultimately impressions from locals. Without getting into too much detail, this is obviously another strong skill set that I have grown. With my knowledge of SEO, and the research that can be done on the market and its competitors, I will acquire the local visibility needed to keep new customers coming in.

Goals for The Wellington Landscaping Business

Aside from the more typical goals that every landscaping business should set for themselves, we will also strive to maintain a record of good customer service. I think that any business that does not focus on customer service is not actually thinking ahead in terms of running the business for the long term. Customer service will essentially show you the retention rate of the new client that is brought in. If these numbers are not good, then the business isn’t really positioned for growth and/or longevity.

I plan on documenting the entire process. I normally do this for all of my work, but I should also do a case study on the SEO portions. It will be interesting to see how much arbitrage we can really capture from an early point in the business, and what that can bring us moving into the future.

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